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Retirement: The Beginning Of An Exciting Journey

Here’s the thing about retirement, it’s not the end. It can be looked upon as the conclusion of one journey, and that is your work life. However, this doesn’t mean wrapping up all activities. Look how much you’ve achieved and learned in life, and we’re sure you have a lot to share. Well, we have a lot to gain. The young adults out there who think they’ve got it all planned out honestly don’t have it figured out yet. They’ll learn along the way just as you did. But this doesn’t mean that your wisdom won’t strengthen their foundation.

A retired Chartered Accountant once told us that it’s not only important to check the details in the books. It’s also important to check what’s missing and what’s being hidden from the reports. What one can learn from a retired professional is similar to this advice. If we don’t soak in the wisdom now, we’ll only know what’s shown to us. We will never learn the hidden lessons of harsher realities and experiences.

So, how can retired professionals share their knowledge and deep wisdom with the world?

Not A Preacher, Not A Teacher

Retired professionals are often looked at as yesterday’s glory. We believe they are the stepping stones of tomorrow’s legends. The legacy senior leaders have created for themselves is nothing short of a miracle waiting to be explored.

They may not be considered savvy with today’s technology or may not align with your modern views. But the milestones these savants have achieved are something you cannot ignore. Therefore, we believe that if you are on the verge of retirement or are already retired, it’s time to publish your book. No preaching, no teaching, but simply an avalanche of the best tips and real-life lessons you can offer to the younger generation about to fill your heavy boots.

Become An Author, Publish Your Legacy

Someone wise once said that Retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning of the open highway. So, make the most of it by sharing something eternal with the world. You owe this to yourself. But hey, don’t take our word for it. Just see the difference months after you’ve finally published your book.

“We need to tap the resources of current and retiring science and math professionals that have both content mastery and the practical experience to serve as effective teachers.” ~Cathy Anne McMorris Rodgers

What does a retired professional write about? We have a ton of suggestions:

Memoir or Autobiography: Write about your life story, key moments, pain points, and victories.Reflect on your career journey, the decisions that shaped it along the way, the people you met, and the lessons learned.

Industry Insights: Your industry-specific experiences, insights, anecdotes, and perceptions. Discuss the changes and evolving processes you were a part of during your career.

Leadership and Management: Your perspective and insights on efficient leadership and management tactics. Advise aspiring leaders based on your hard-earned experiences.

Career Transition: If you shift from one career to another, your journey and the lessons learned will matter more than you can imagine. Offer guidance to those deciding on a massive or minor career change or retirement.

Mentorship and Guidance: Your guidance and mentorship will make a difference to those just starting as a working professional. Share your wisdom on steering through professional challenges that often involve emotional roller coaster rides.

Hobbies and Passions: You took up a hobby or pursued your long-awaited passion after retirement. Write about the lessons you’ve learned and what it took you to get there! Share your experiences in areas like music, singing, art, sports, or any other interest.

Family and Relationships: Explore the dynamics of relationships and family responsibilities throughout your personal and professional life.Share experiences gained in managing a balanced work and personal life.

Health and Wellness:
Share your perspective on maintaining physical and mental well-being in retirement. Offer your keep observations for establishing a healthy and fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

If you want to make sure you write a book about any of the above, we’re your partners along the way. We’ll even write it for you after a great many tea or coffee interactive meetings. We want to explore your legacy, so reach out to us and give us a chance.

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